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Sharron Stevens - Kinesiologist

Sharron will be contactable on her mobile for future appointments, please call 0404 986 059, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or her facebook, Sharron Stevens Kinesiology.

Sharron has a Diploma of Kinesiology and is currently studying for the Advanced Diploma of Kinesiology at O'Neill Kinesiology College, due to be completed in August/September 2018.

Sharron was introduced to Kinesiology at the Conscious Living Expo in Perth; it was here that she felt inspired to study one of the fastest growing healing modalities.  She regularly participates in expos as a practitioner to promote to the people of Perth the wide range of benefits Kinesiology has to offer.

Sharron is a mother of four children and, throughout her twenty years of raising a family, has avidly researched the use of complementary medicine for a range of health issues.  As a Kinesiologist, she specialises in adrenal imbalances, giving rise to symptoms such as chronic fatigue, anxiety, mood swings, apathy, poor concentration, low resistance to infection, allergies and many more.  She is, however, trained to work with a full range of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and nutritional issues and is dedicated to helping others to improve their overall health and wellbeing and to become the best version of themselves.

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