We combine western and natural medicine treatments into a holistic practice, offering a comprehensive approach to your health.
Our practitioners understand and respect each others' modalities. Together we provide you with the best possible pathways back to health, using a combination of conventional and complimentary therapies.

Dr Jenna Cornell - Holistic GP

Dr Jenna will be relocating to Yanchep Medical Centre - 1/5 Village Row, The Village, Yanchep - you can make appointments by calling 9562 8100.

Dr Jenna received her Medical Degree from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry.  She did her residency in Family Medicine and is a Board Certified Family Doctor.  Dr Jenna did further training in 2001 which allowed her to become Board Certified in Holistic Medicine.  She became a Fellow of the Royal New Zealand Colleges of General Practitioners while working in New Zealand is now also a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

Dr Jenna has enjoyed a rich life during her 25 years in medicine with a wide range of experiences working in private practice, emergency medicine and indigenous health.  Because of this she has a real breadth of experience in many areas including chronic disease such as diabetes and heart disease, woman’s health, prenatal care and complementary medicine. She has worked with indigenous people from the bottom of the Grand Canyon to the Islands of Alaska, New Zealand and now Australia.   She was blessed to learn traditional healing from the indigenous healers of these tribes and has combined this wisdom with her western medical training.

Dr Jenna goes beyond the presenting symptoms and works with her patients to find the root cause of dis-ease.  Her indigenous wisdom combined with her holistic training allows her to integrate a variety of healing traditions. She works with the person as a whole: body, mind, emotions and spirit and through this empowers people to find wholeness through health and wellbeing.

She has now realised her dream to practice in an integrated clinic where all healing modalities work together to effect change for the benefit of the patient’s wellbeing.

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