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Kumar Goteti is a trained classical Homœopath with 24 years of clinical experience in treating patients with various ailments. He studied 4 ½ years DHMS (Diploma in Homœopathy, Medicine & Surgery) and started his private homœopathic practice in the year 1990. He worked with Medical Doctors, Orthopaedic Doctors and Surgeons for about 10 years, during which he learnt Surgery, Pediatric, Orthopedic cases and general cases thoroughly. He worked with Christian Organisation ‘Canossian Sisters’ where he treated more than 300 cases per week and was also awarded best Physician for his services.

After 10 years of clinical experience he was selected for the Post Graduate in Homœopathy (MD) where in he submitted his research work on ‘Chronic Otitis Media’ and won the University Award, as well as also being awarded with the Doctor Of Medicine. He worked with renowned Emergency Speciality hospitals, the Homœopathic Cancer Society and prestigious Homœopathic Medical Colleges in India and became the Director for the Immunology Department in Omega Health Aid Institute.

Kumar migrated to Australia 3 years ago with his wife & two kids and is now consulting to a number of natural health care clinics around Perth as well as having his own practice.  He is also working as a part time lecturer at the Paramount College of Natural Medicine teaching Homœopathy and his experiences to Natural Medicine students.


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Love Meditation

by Jen Taylor.

The thing I enjoy most about meditation isn’t just the practice of creating more stilling of the mind but also the awareness of bringing mindfulness into everyday activities.  In fact my experience of having to sit for some time has been somewhat challenging, many I have spoken with also share this inner conflict.  With a preference for the body and mind to be more active, I have at times felt challenged by the idea of trying to still the mind.  From patience and consistency though, I have found that the benefits are profound and now too have proven scientific results.

Delay Dementia

by Victoria Thomas.

Currently there are a lot of stories and information in the media about dementia. We would like to offer you some clarification.

Welcome to the World of [...]

by Debbie Bates.

My first experience of this profound complementary therapy was in 1999, I was pleasantly surprised as I felt a deep sense of relaxation moving through my body and afterwards, a state of calm as I moved back out into the world.  I was fascinated that points on the feet were connected to different parts of my body and through the session, felt stress falling away from my neck and shoulders.  It was after this session that I decided to undertake a practitioner’s course and while studying, my family and friends benefited as I practiced on them and that helped lessen their stress also - a win/win.

Every Body Loves Bowen

by Jen Taylor.

I meet many clients who come in to find some relief from the pain patterns & injuries which may be interrupting their daily routine.  It is common in our western culture to be used to needing a quick fix to be able to carry on with life.  It seems as a society we are not so keen at accepting the pain and addressing any feelings that may be underneath the pain.  There is such a drive to ignore pain or to reach for some kind of pain relief to be able to carry on with the daily routine.  Certainly, sometimes this is a necessary choice however, pain can be a wonderful signal in the body to help us to look at and address perhaps a wider set of problems.  The body is sending a message to look a bit closer and pay attention, if one chooses. 

Fascinating Fascia

By Reinette Nel.

Fascia is the new buzz word.  For ages we have been cutting away the fascia to get to the more important aspects in the human body like the muscles, bones and organs not knowing or realising that what has been discarded was in fact the largest sense organ within the body.

Fascia is everywhere in the body.  It surrounds and forms an intricate network within every structure.  It is a strong, flexible support system,  the most richly innervated tissue in the body, with a very high density of sensory nerves that help our nervous system orient to our surroundings.

It’s like a smooth and slippery web of connective tissue that attaches, stabilises, encloses and separates.  It is the stuff that holds us together otherwise we would just be a puddle on the floor, almost like jelly.  If you can make everything else in the body disappear (except fascia), you would look like a big piece of candyfloss.

Emotions & Psychological [...]

By Dr Elinor van Ommen.

“Am I too sensitive?” , “why can’t I move on from this?”… these are common questions I hear, and I often meet people who are in distress that relates to difficulty processing emotion.

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